Investing Strategies Which Last A Lifetime

Many questions have to be answered by yourself or your money manager to start investing intelligently. Foremost question would be- where would the money be on the next bear market? Next, when are you planning to invest in the market? In what ways you would invest? Investing in stock market looks very easy and profitable in the beginning. If proper planning is not done either by you or your money manager then stock market investment might land you in serious debts. Following are some of the guidelines which will ensure a lifetime profitable investment in stock market I got from Istvan Loh ‘s Blog.

Good company shares at a lower price

Invest in good companies at cheaper prices. Investing in small companies can turn out to be a foolish decision in the future once you come to know there is very less profit. Also keep in mind buying good company stocks at an expensive price also doesn’t serve any purpose. Two important words to keep in mind: good company, low price.

High return for capital and low debt

The companies should not borrow lots of money but they must ensure return value to be higher. This defines a good company.

Predictable earnings

The operation of the company should be stable. They should be there day in and day out. They should not shut down suddenly nor give any surprises. Steady predictable earnings is a key factor when choosing a company.

Profits backed by cash flow

Cash from operations has to be in line with operating profits. Lots of cash has to be generated by operating profits. There should be a resemblance with the cash cover and profits. Companies with lots of profit but no cash makes no sense.


The company business operations should be clearly understood by you. If not then you are taking a risk. You would not come to know why they started or stopped doing business. By clearly understanding the operational procedures of the company you can decide when to invest more and when to slow down. A finance person may feel investing in an Insurance company uncomplicated than investing in an IT firm.

Strong brand name coupled with increasing pricing power

The prices of many top brands have come down due to the vigorous competition among new brands. But we can notice some brands know the trick of introducing new products but with a higher price. A new feature may be added and they charge for the same. Even during recession the prices remain stable. That’s a clever strategy by the company. Look out for such companies.

Purchase Price Assessment: Four Factors that Determine the Value of a Business

partnership of business

When there is a business for takeover in Singapore the value is not just limited to the price that is paid to own the business but there exist other affiliated Deal Structures and Terms that influence the value. The value of the business for takeover may differ, not because of the different value assessment methods, but because of payment terms, differences in assumption of operation, and so on.


The drivers that ultimately determine the value of a company are:

  • Financial leverage
  • Future performance
  • Cash flow which is independent of profit
  • Expectation of financial returns

Financial leverage: Business value is closely related to the financial leverage post-acquisition. If the financial leverage is high, it means the base asset is high, which lowers the cost of capital. On the other hand, a business of low financial leverage will have low value financial assets that translate to a lending market that is tight or a borrowing capacity that is low. Low financial leverage businesses can demand a higher price if the transaction is financed by the seller or when a lender of cash flow is found. Other factors that affect financial leverage are the asset value, asset type, business size, earning quality, management post-acquisition, buyer’s credit worthiness, condition of the current market and so on. Assets can be valued when the assets for sale are identified: if all the assets that belong to the company are for sale or if a few are excluded? Is the equipment also for sale? Is the inventory included?

Future performance: the value is determined by the future performance and not the performance in the past. Past performance stands witness to the success of the business venture while future performance is an indication of the success and profit returns of the company which is molded by the current conditions and the intent of use by the buyer.

Cash flow which is independent of profit: business value is determined by cash flow and not by profits. A business that requires a high working capital directs the money towards maintenance not debt re-payment. Such ventures are priced lower. On the contrary, business with low working assets demand low maintenance and require lesser reinvestment. They are thus priced higher.

Expectation of financial returns: when Return On Investment (ROI) is higher, the value of business is lowered. The buyer’s ROI expectations are increased by limited customers, suppliers and distributors, flaw in management, erratic profit margin and poor financials.

When Do Mergers Fail?

merging a companyAccording to a KPMG study, 83 percent of mergers don’t achieve their objective. They fail. Why does this happen? There are many reasons like mismanagement of cultures, risk, strategy, management capacity and improper merger and acquisition valuations. Here are some more reasons why a merger can fail.

Lack of common values and vision

Before you merge your company with another, you should be very clear about where your merged company will stand, how you will operate, what it is going to feel like and how things will change for your company after the merger, compared to what it is now. There is no reason to merge with (or acquire) another company if you don’t see a point of convergence and if there are indications the merged companies are never going to blend.

Poor governance

In most merged entities, there is no clear road map for who will decide what and no proper issue resolution. Post merger, you are going to face a number of issues that will need to be quickly resolved otherwise, your company will come to a halt. So speed is important but there should also be a strong decision making process to go with it. Be very clear about the things that are important and why they are important. If the merger won’t help you serve customers better than the entities would do on their own, there is no point in merging.


The leaders of the post merger business have to learn to swim together, lest they sink together. If more leaders spent time to understand how they will win together, so many of them wouldn’t lose. Unless you get your strategy right and align your attitudes, culture and postures for success, your merger is not going to succeed. Some decisions are going to be painful no doubt but you will have to do it for the future of the company.


Mergers cannot happen in a vacuum. Many companies looking at mergers and acquisition underestimate the competition. When you are trying to understand the risks and opportunities from the merger, ensure you have taken all competitors into account. Think about your collaborators, competitors and customers will react. Many merged businesses do the mistake of assuming the market will eventually evolve. It won’t. So take time out to consider where you new entity is going to be placed in the market.

You are going to spend a lot of money to acquire the business you want, so it is important you do everything you can to ensure you are making the right decision. When you are aware of these pitfalls, you can exercise more due diligence during the .

A Guide to Company Registration in Singapore

If you are thinking about establishing a business in Singapore, you will be glad to know that the process can take a maximum of three days to get done provided that everything is done correctly, and all the necessary information is available. Singapore has one of the fastest company registration processes in the world. This is because the entire company registration in Singapore process is automated. One mainframe computer bears the task of processing all company registration applications. Provided that everything is filled out correctly, you can be sure that company registration will take just a few days at most.

However, it is important to note that businesses that usually require written authorization from other state regulatory bodies usually take longer to incorporate.

Registration Requirements

The first step in ensuring that your new company is registered in the shortest time possible is by ascertaining the requirements of company registration. The ACRA is the organization tasked with handling all company registration applications. Interested investors can obtain a step by step guide as to the requirements they have to satisfy in order to have the business registered. These requirements vary depending on the nature of the company being registered and its business operations.

accounting team

Get Necessary Authorizations

Once you have familiarized yourself with the requirements for company registration in Singapore , you can move on to putting the registration application together. It is important to note that all the required information should be provided as explained to avoid any delays in the registration process. For businesses that require written authorization from other state or international agencies, get the same before commencing the process so as to avoid any delays midway through. Where you feel that you need clarifications, be sure to get the necessary legal help.

Seek Professional Assistance

The process of company registration in Singapore can be tricky for a foreigner. It is therefore recommended that you seek professional help in this regard by hiring a company registration service provider. The service provider can help make the entire process as straight forward as possible. Due to their experience in this area of operation, they can be able to guarantee that applications will go through without any delays whatsoever. Additionally, such companies can assist you in seeking professional service providers such as legal representatives, accountants and auditors and even local directors for the company being formed. With the help of a professional company registration Singapore service provider, investors can have peace of mind knowing that the task is in capable hands. This leaves them to focus on other important aspects of bringing the company to life.

It is recommended that investors go over all documents to ensure that the company registration process yields the expected results.

Factors to consider when hiring Accounting Services Singapore

One of the most effective ways that business organizations can cut down operation expenses is by hiring accounting services. This is a good idea if you have a business in Singapore, or your overseas business has a branch in Singapore. However, you need to make sure that you have hired the most qualified accounting services firm in Singapore in order to get good services. A good accounting service firm should make its mission to read your business in the right direction. Additionally, the accounting firm should be willing to help your business to set achievable and realistic goals. The following are the basic factors that you should consider when hiring accounting services in Singapore.

If the accounting firm offers service oriented services

One of the main factors that you need to consider when hiring accounting services is whether the firm you intend to hire offers service oriented services. A good accounting firm should be able and willing to offer tailor-made accounting services that meet the needs of your business.

If the accounting firm provides valuable information

Although majority of the accounting services firms offer quality services, it is good to make sure that the company that you intend to hire provides valuable information that you can use to make critical decisions for your business.

If the accounting firm provides suitable answers

A reliable accounting services firm should be able to offer suitable answers to all your questions. Additionally, the company should have a positive approach towards its clients and should take clients very seriously. Additionally, it is important to confirm whether the accounting services firm that you intend to hire understands the industry of your business. This can be confirmed by checking the accounting firm’s history and past customer’s reviews.

If the accounting firm has qualified team of professionals

It is essential to consider if the accounting firm that you intends to hire is run by a team of qualified accountants. A good accounting services in Singapore should have well qualified and experienced professionals who have many years reputation for quality accounting services in Singapore.

If the accounting firm understands your needs

One of the key factors that you need to consider when hiring accounting services in Singapore is the whether the company that you intend to hire has a solid understanding of the industry you are operating in. It is worth noting that an accounting company that understands your industry well is likely to offer good accounting services.

Reviews from the past clients

It is important to go through the past clients reviews of a firm you intend to hire for accounting services. An accounting firm with many positive reviews from past clients is likely to give excellent services than the one with negative reviews.